BARC TRP Rating for Bigg Boss 15 Compared with ONLINE TRP

By | October 14, 2021

The biggest Indian reality show Bigg Boss season 15 curtains were rolled out last week and the show has completed its 1st week and entered into the second week. As majority of the audience shifted towards OTT and Online platforms, the BARC trp ratings of the show’s first week delivered very poor TRP ratings when compared with Online TRP. Let us have a look into the Bigg Boss 15 TRP ratings both on TV and Online platforms.

BARC TRP Rating for Bigg Boss 15

With the advent of OTT platforms in India, majority of the TV audience have been shifted towards Online platforms. Though its already predicted by the Industry experts, no one might have expected the poor TRP’s of Indian Television shows especially Bigg Boss.

BARC TRP Rating for Bigg Boss 15 Compared with ONLINE TRP

The audience viewership on TV for any show is known by the BARC ratings. The BARC TRP ratings will give us an insight into which shows are topping the charts every week. Similalrly, in the latest released chart of BARC ratings, the Bigg Boss 15 in its first week delivered with a highest rating of 2 for its Weekend episodes, whereas the whole week days telecast got a rating of 1.5 which is a poor rating in the history Bigg Boss Hindi on Indian Television. However, the Online TRP rating of Bigg Boss 15 tops the chart with 41 TRP which is exceptionally well for itself.

If you are the one searching for the TRP ratings of BB15 then take a look into the below data released by the BARC and Online platforms.

BB15 TRP Week 1:

Bigg Boss15 Weekdays TRP: 1.5 Rating

Bigg Boss 15 Weekend TRP: 2.0 Rating

Bigg Boss 15 Onlin TRP: 41 TRP Rating

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